Children’s Dentistry

At Smile Dentistry, we are happy to see patients of all ages.

It is generally recommended that children have their first dental check up within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth, at about 3 years of age. Our aim at Smile Dentistry is to introduce them to this experience in a fun, safe and wholly positive manner. After taking them for a ride in our ‘magic chair’, the dentist will check your child’s teeth, gums and alignment of the jaws. Older children will be taught about the benefits of a healthy diet and good oral hygiene, and shown how to brush their teeth. If they’re very good, sometimes they even get a special present!

How we work

One procedure that is often recommended for children is the placement of fissure sealants. A thin coating of a plastic material is applied to the biting surfaces of some teeth, creating a barrier between the bacteria in plaque and the tooth, thus effectively preventing decay. This is a quick painless procedure that has been shown to be very successful in reducing cavities in children’s newly formed teeth. It is also beneficial for cutting down decay in adult teeth.

Early diagnosis and treatment of a child’s jaw misalignment can prevent major orthodontic problems in the future. If your child has teeth that are crooked, or has a lower jaw that is too far back or too far forward, early intervention with a removable plate or fixed braces may fix the problem.

Your child may have breathing or sleeping difficulties, be tired in the morning or not be doing well at school. An early consultation with an Ear, Nose or Throat Specialist can put your mind at ease.

For children’s dentistry, the focus is on preventative measures. Ultimately, the experience will be much more positive for your child if he or she is brought in before any problems occur.

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