Orthodontics, also known as Braces, is the straightening of teeth through the use of small clear or metal brackets and wire. Orthodontics is not just beneficial for smile aesthetics but it also has many therapeutic benefits such as correcting jaw alignment, improvement in breathing and airway as well as reduction in headaches.

Orthodontics isn’t just for children and teenagers, many adults consider getting braces to help fix the alignment of their teeth and improve their smile dramatically through the use of orthodontics. Compared to cosmetic treatments like veneers, braces will not remove tooth structure and therefore is a great way to cosmetically improve your smile using your natural teeth.

As well as braces and clear braces, we offer a range of straightening options that can be worn just a night for your comfort and confidence. A plate or retainer can slowly help move the teeth gradually into alignment over 3-12 months. A simple and affordable way to improve your smile without anyone knowing!

Beautiful smiling girl with retainer on teeth close-up

Dr. Christina Howard is passionate about orthodontics -and sees many patients of all ages who are interested in straightening their teeth. Dr Christina receives many referrals from existing patients who have been thrilled with their own results.

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