Salt Room

Here at Smile Dentistry we have a therapeutic salt room, also known as Halotherapy, which is open for use by appointment. Halotherapy involves small particles of natural mineral salt released into the atmosphere of a specially designed room. This therapy has many benefits as it has been clinically proven to fight bacteria and reduce mucous accumulation in the nose, throat and lungs.

Some of the benefits include

  • Increased airway strength
  • Clearing of the sinuses
  • Reduction in airway irritation
  • Improved breathing and lung capacity
  • Healing of skin conditions like eczema and acne
  • Reduction in cold and flus during winter

The salt room is extremely beneficial for asthma and eczema sufferers, professional sporting athletes, those who suffer from reoccurring illnesses like cold, flu and bronchitis (chest infection).

The salt room is also great for meditation, relaxation and reduction in stress. For best results please bring headphones and relaxing music or meditation on your smartphone. Some suggested apps include “Relax Melodies” and “Smiling Mind”.

For more information or to book please call us on 02 9818 3951.

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